POPULUS, a population biology modeling program

NEW February 2003!

The Populus website, http://www.cbs.umn.edu/populus/, now offers a major update of the Populus teaching software, Version 5.2, for free download. It completes the port of almost all DOS Populus models to a modern Java program, will run on any version of Windows, on Mac OS X, Linux or Unix.

Note: This page has been adapted from a document by the creator of POPULUS, Don Alstad, to reflect this Web site context. Contact Don Alstad with any questions.

The current Populus edition is 3.4. There are two different versions of the program. The "protected-mode" version is for use on machines with a 286 or later microprocessor and a minimum of 2 MB RAM. It is compressed in a self-extracting file, pop34p.exe. The "real-mode" version of Populus will run on any Intel-based computer, including the XT class with an 8088 chip. It is compressed in the file pop34r.exe. Choose the protected-mode version if your machinery suffices, or get both if some of your students have older machines.

After downloading one (or both) of these files, place it in a directory with 2MB of free disk space and type "pop34p" (or "pop34r") to extract the Populus files. Check the file sizes listed in read.me to make sure that your transfer has been successful. Note that real-mode file names have been altered to distinguish the versions; to start the real-mode version, type "populusr." When you give the program to students or colleagues, please pass the entire set of files, or the single compressed version.

Don Alstad, St. Paul, February 1994

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