110160     Fiscal Accounting  Version: July 1974
Submitted by: John Christensen, Idaho Falls School District, Idaho
Falls, ID
Operating System: RSTS/E  Source Language: BASIC-PLUS  Memory
Required: 28K  Hardware Required: Line Printer, Card Reader, at least
three RK05 Disk Drives.  Keywords: Business Applications - RSTS
Abstract: The Fiscal Accounting Package, a fully accrued and
encumbered system of accounting, consists of two
subsystems, accounts payable and general ledger
reporting. The accounts payable package (A.P.) includes
the normal accounts payable functions; the general
ledger package (G.L.) includes the printing of the
general ledger and various forms of budget and
expenditure reports.
The Fiscal Package is for the most part a conversion of
a similar package developed for an IBM 1401. It is
therefore card input oriented. However, that is the only
use of cards; the input programs could easily be
modified for terminal input. All sorting and data
manipulation is done on the disks and output is either
to the disks or the line printer. The equipment
necessary for the cards is a keypunch and a punched card
reader for the PDP-11. The entire package is written in
the RSTS V4A-12 BASIC-PLUS language.
A third package can be used in conjunction with the A.P.
and G.L. packages. That package is a Payroll Package
(also available from DECUS as number 11-33) based on the
same system of accounting. The entire system is based on
double entry bookkeeping. The A.P. and G.L. package,
however, stand alone without the payroll package.
The accounting system is based on a 16 digit general
ledger account number. The account number contains, in a
more concise form, most of the information recommended
by the Federal Handbook II for school fiscal accounting.
Media (Service Charge Code): Write-Up (AB), Source Listing (BC), 600'
Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: DOS-11

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