110254     MATRIX ROUTINES  Version: 1, April 1976
Submitted by: Samuel Day, SUNY-Cortland, Cortland, NY
Source Language: BASIC-11  Memory Required: 16K  Keywords:
Abstract: Programs written in BASIC for the PDP-11. MATADD,
MATSUB, MATMUL and MATIN perform the fundamental
operations of matrix manipulation, and would probably be
most useful as subroutines in larger programs. MATSOL
uses a matrix inversion subroutine to solve sets of
simultaneous linear equations. MATPAK is a series of
chained programs which combine all of the above and some
other features into a comprehensive package for matrix
manipulation, and should be useful to anyone who deals
with matrix algebra, but does not have MAT functions
Media (Service Charge Code): Write-Up (AA), Source Listing (BA), One
RX01 Diskette (KA)  Format: RT-11, 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format:

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