110278     LEADS: An Interactive Data Base Management System for
Education  Version: 1, May 1978
Submitted by: Walter Koetke, Lexington Public Schools, Lexington, MA
Operating System: RSTS/E V6B, V6C  Source Language: BASIC-PLUS
Hardware Required: RP06, RP04, RM03 or other large disk packs are
highly desirable for rapid processing.  Keywords: Data Base
Management, Educational Applications
The LEADS software is intended to provide local school
districts with an interactive data base management
system especially suited for the educational
environment.  The software is appropriate for:
. A single, large data base containing all student, staff
  and financial data and all appropriate data
. A large RSTS/E system providing services to several
  school systems as each system could have its own
  independent, secure data base
. Allowing any user to build his own mini-data base for a
  special application
. Teaching data base concepts as each student can be
  manager of his own data base and operate that data base
  entirely on his own
The available software includes:
. All of the utilities required to create and maintain a data
. A powerful, easy to use query language
. A report writer language
. A function package that enables user written programs
  to interact with the data base
. Documentation intended to fully describe the first four
The LEADS software includes few restrictive parameters
and several features found in the very good, very
expensive commercially available DBMS's.  There are, of
course, files which are divided into records which are
divided into fields.  Records can be related to other
records using pointers and associators.  Pointers permit
"direct" access to the target record while
associators require one or more intermediate steps.
Fields can be accessed sequentially or by using an
optional ISAM Index.  Inquiries can be nearly as complex
as desired with little or no regard to the software
boundries of files and fields.  Users can make most of
their queries with no knowledge of the data structure.
There is a multi-level security system that permits
school systems to be as legal as they choose with their
computer based data.
Notes: The "LEADS Overview" manual is available only in
hard-copy as listed below. The write-up and three
additional manuals (FUNCT.DOC, LMANGR.DOC, QUERY.DOC)
are contained on the magtape and disk.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EB), 2400' Magnetic Tape
(PA)  Format: DOS-11

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