110375     NRL "English Text to VOTRAX Parameters Algorithm"  Version:
November 1978
Submitted by: L. Robert Morris, Carleton University, Ontario, Canada
Operating System: RT-11 V02C or later  Source Language: FORTRAN IV;
MACRO-11  Memory Required: 16K or more  Hardware Required: VOTRAX
Synthesizer, Parallel Interface (DR-11-C)  Keywords: Libraries - RT-11
Abstract: Fast FORTRAN/RT-11 SYSLIB Software for implementing
the NRL "English Text to VOTRAX Parameters Algorithm".
Computers can "speak" by computing parameters which
are output to speech synthesizers.  The VOTRAX
synthesizer has found widespread applications and is
available as a "professional" model (from its
manufacturer, Federal Screw of Troy, Michigan 48084) and
in a "hobbyist version (from "the Digital Group",
PO Box 6528, Denver, Colorado 80206).  Either model can
be driven from a log-rate parallel interface with a
"phoneme" string derived from the text to be spoken.
This software system utilizes the RT-11 SYSLIB string
manipulation routines to efficiently implement the U.S.
Naval Research Labs "English-to-VOTRAX" algorithm.
The software runs in real-time (or less) on any PDP-11,
including the LSI-11.  A parallel interface (e.g.
DR-11C) is required.  The software will run on a 16K
system under RT-11 V02C.
Media (Service Charge Code): Write-Up (AA), One RX01 Diskette (KA)
Format: RT-11, 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: RT-11

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