110380     QUEST, Standard MUMPS Teaching Program, and DOC  Version:
January 1978
Author: Robert K. Stimac
Submitted by: Joan Zimmerman, BCL, St Louis, MO
Operating System: DSM-11 (Standard MUMPS)  Source Language: MUMPS
(Standard)  Memory Required: 4K MUMPS partition  Keywords: Computer
Assisted Instruction (CAI), Education
Abstract: The three programs (QUEST, the Standard MUMPS teaching
program, and DOC) are all in Standard MUMPS and provide
a basic set of applications for a new user of Standard
MUMPS.  First is QUEST, a simple questionnaire driver.
It facilitates the specification and editing by authors
of computer-aided teaching programs, the use of these
programs by students in learning and in being tested,
and the monitoring by supervisors of the use of QUEST.
For simplicity the student answers may be of only three
types:  multiple-choice answers where the student
selects one of several displayed answers; yes-no answers
where the student responds with yes or no; and
key-phrase answers where the student enters a response
in free text.  All interactions with QUEST are in
ordinary English, and no user, whether a student, or an
author, or a supervisor, is required to have skills in
using computers.
Second is the Standard MUMPS teaching and testing
program.  This explains the concept and language
features of Standard MUMPS, and can test how effectively
the student is learning the material presented.
Finally, DOC is a documentation package centered on an
automatic cross-referencer.  The cross-referencer
identifies what and where local and global variables are
referenced, what and where commands (particularly those
for transfer of control) occur, and the locations of
various functions, special variables, comments, and
indirection.  These data may be printed in different
reports both for individual routines and for sets
(programs or packages) of routines.
Order DECUS No. 11-380 (AB) for the explanatory
documentation.  The DECUS staff has found some of the text
to be illegible, but because of the high level of interest
it will be distributed "AS IS".  See Associated
Documentation.  Order DECUS No. 11-380 (AA) for a copy of a
paper written on QUEST.
Assoc. Documentation: A copy of each of the following monographs can
ordered through Ms. Polly Raith, Biomdical Computer
Laboratory, 700 South Euclid, St. Louis, MO 63110: QUEST
Design Manual, Monograph #300; Standard MUMPS Teaching
Program Design Manual, Monograph #335; DOC Design
Manual, Monograph #301.
Media (Service Charge Code): Write-Up (AA), Write-Up (AB), 600'
Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: DSM-11 Compatible

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