110383     TSTE: Time Share Terminal Emulator  Version: V2.0, March
Author: T. L. Starr and L. T. Nieh
Submitted by: Ronald P. Williams, Hour Electric Company, Glens Falls,
Operating System: EMT calls setup for V2 + later, RT-11 V2,3,4  Source
Language: MACRO-11, PAL-11  Memory Required: 4KW  Hardware Required:
Modem, serial interface card (DL11-E or similar), Block replaceable
file storage system, CRT console device (preferred).  Keywords: Device
Abstract: This program serves as a communications interface
between a PDP-11 and General Electric Company's Mark III
Foreground Service currently available via telephone
throughout the world. Operating at a nominal 300 baud,
this program allows your local data processing
capabilties to be used in conjunction with the G.E.
service, thereby reducing your hourly cost, character
transmission fees and file storage charges. These
savings are realized through off-line input file
building, editing and storage. You will be able to edit
or reformat your output data before hard copy and
relocate some of the smaller data processing tasks to
your equipment.
This version of the TSTE program supports on line device
and file specification, has hardware independent
terminal echo for all transactions and provides user
messages and prompts to indicate program status.
The concept and methods of this program could be applied
to any time-share service with minor changes to allow
for communications protocol. The coding affected is
documented in the source file.
Assoc. Documentation: General Electric Command system Reference Manual
#3501.01P (Mark III Foreground Service Reference
Restrictions: User must revise source code for addresses of modem
interface and allowable vector. Source code must be
revised if KEV-11 chip is not present. (Radix 50 file
name translation). Program has only been tested at 300
baud. (Notes in source file).
Media (Service Charge Code): Write-Up (AA), One RX01 Diskette (KA)
Format: RT-11, 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: RT-11

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