110387     EPR Package: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Data
Acquistion and Data Reduction Package  Version: February 1979
Author: Chales M. Grisham, University of Virginia
Submitted by: Salley O'Connor, University of Virginia,
Charlottesville, VA
Operating System: RT-11 V2C  Source Language: (Some MACRO-11), FORTRAN
IV  Memory Required: 20K  Hardware Required: Data Translation DT 1761
interface board  Keywords: Plotting, Scientific Applications
Abstract: The EPR package consists of programs and subroutines
that are used for data acquisition and data reduction of
EPR spectra obtained using the Varian EPR spectrometer
which is interfaced to a PDP-11/03 computer. The
interface is based upon a Data Translation DT 1761
interface board. A more detailed description of the
interface hardware is to be published and will be
available through the authors. EPR package includes
programs and subroutines for digitizing EPR spectra for
signal averaging, for storing spectra on floppy disks,
for viewing spectra on a scope, for plotting spectra on
a recorder (several plotting programs are available). It
also includes programs for data reduction such as smoothing,
spectral integration, addition of constants or multiplication by
constants, scaling of spectra for plotting, shifting of
spectra, finding maxima and minima in spectra or
specified regions of spectra, and listing of the data
array on the teletype for possible transfer to a large
The EPR package was designed for use with the PDP-11/03
microcomputer. It offers to the experimentalist a method
of setting up a computer interface system for the EPR
spectrometer at a very low cost. Most of the programs
have been in operation for a year and a half and have
been tested to be trouble-free. The EPR package may be
useful to other experimentalists for use with a
PDP-11/03 computer interface, after some modifications
of the programs. The data acquisition routine is
documented in sufficient detail for easy modification by
the user or for modification for use with lab
instruments other than the Varian EPR spectrometer.
Some of the programs supplied are: SCAN, TRACE, VIEW,
Media (Service Charge Code): Write-Up and Listing (DB), One RX01
Diskette (KA)  Format: RT-11, 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: RT-11

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