110419     Linwood: Linear Least-Squares Curve Fitting Program
Version: October 1979
Author: Fred Wood, Standard Oil Company, Chicago, IL
Submitted by: David Zarnow, U.S. Naval Avionics Center, Indianapolis,
Operating System: IAS V1.0+, RSX-11M V2.0+  Source Language: FORTRAN
IV-PLUS  Memory Required: 32K for 32K user partition  Hardware
Required: FP11 floating point unit  Keywords: Statistics
Abstract: The program has many options which allow the user to
transform data into an appropriate form, fits specified
equations to the transformed data by linear
least-squares, and provides both statistics and plots to
aid in evaluating the fit. A Cp-statistic search
technique determines if smaller sets of the variables
will represent the data equally well.
The transformations which are available to the user
include reciprocals, sums, differences, products,
quotients, logarithms, and exponentials.
In addition to the usual statistics, the program
calculates the maximum and minimum value of each
variable as well as its range, the relative influence of
each variable, and the weighted squared standardized
distance of each observation from the centroid of all
The program, as dimensioned, will handle up to 35 before
transformations, 10 after, and 200 observations. Program
change cards are included to allow a computer center to
also offer two other programs, one which will handle up
to 105 variables before transformations, 80 after, and
1000 observations; and the other which will handle up to
65 variables before transformations, 40 after, and 1000
observations. Multiple dependent variables are fitted
one at a time, and multiple forms of specified linear
equations can be fitted with one data loading.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EB), 600' Magnetic Tape
(MA)  Format: FILES-11

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