110448     Laboratory Applications-11 Library  Version: 1, July 1980
Submitted by: Digital Equipment Corporation
Operating System: RT-11 V2B or V2C  Source Language: MACRO-11
Hardware Required: LPS11 or K Options and KW11-K  Keywords: Libraries
- RT-11, Scientific Applications
Abstract: The LAB APPLICATION-11 Library is a library of software
modules and operational programs specifically designed
and developed to solve typical laboratory problems. The
purpose of the library is to provide a group of software
modules that, when linked together with a user-written
calling routine, results in a program to solve many
laboratory computer applications. User-developed
modules, following well-defined guidelines and rules,
can be combined with library modules to generate
tailored programs.
Notes: The manual describes the functional characteristics of a
particular module, programming information, and release
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EE), Four RX01 Diskettes
(KD)  Format: RT-11, 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: RT-11

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