110489     HPLOT: Graphics Routine for HP9872A Digital Plotter
Version: V1.0, August 1981
Submitted by: Eric T. Prince, Inficon Leybold-Heraeus, East Syracuse,
Operating System: MINC/BASIC, V1.1 or later vers. of BASIC  Source
Language: BASIC  Memory Required: 5.6KW  Hardware Required: IEEE-488
Interface  Keywords: Graphics, Plotting
Abstract: HPLOT will produce and label full linear,
semilogarithmic, and full logarithmic data plots. The
data for these plots can be read from disk files or
entered directly. The data may be edited and/or scaled
before being plotted if desired. For multiple sets of
data on a single set of axes, 5 different symbols are
available. Axes, labels, and tic marks are optional.
Size of plots is determined by setting lower left and
upper right corner limits on plotter. Character sizes
and tic lengths are relative to corner limits. On linear
axes the number of tic marks and axis limits are user
defined. Scale numbering and centering of axis labels is
automatic. Numbers are included for every other tic mark
on linear axes and at the beginning and end of each
cycle on log axes. Heading labels may be positioned as
Restrictions: Disk SY1 should contain 'overlay' programs: LINXY,
Media (Service Charge Code): Source Listing (BA), One RX01 Diskette
(KA)  Format: RT-11

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