110490     TSXLIB: A FORTRAN Callable Library Implementation of EMTs
for TSX-PLUS  Version: 6.31/88e30a
Submitted by: N. A. Bourgeois, Jr., NAB Software Services, Inc.,
Albuquerque, NM
Operating System: RT-11 V5.4, TSX-PLUS V6.31  Source Language:
MACRO-11  Software Required: FORTRAN for application programs
Hardware Required: MMU to support TSX-PLUS  Keywords: FORTRAN,
Libraries - RT-11
Abstract: TSXLIB is a library of FORTRAN callable routines that
implement the TSX-PLUS system services which are unique
to TSX-PLUS.  The library has been updated to include all
TSX-PLUS unique services through TSX-PLUS V6.31.
Like RT-11, TSX-PLUS offers the MACRO-11 programmer a number
of system services.  These services are implemented via both
the RT-11 programmed requests (for those services common to
both RT-11 and TSX-PLUS) and raw EMT instructions (for those
unique to TSX-PLUS).  RT-11 makes its system services
available to the FORTRAN programmer through the system
subroutine library, SYSLIB.  TSX-PLUS also honors the bulk
of the service requests in the SYSLIB routines.  TSXLIB,
however, makes the TSX-PLUS unique EMTs available to the
FORTRAN programmer.
These TSX-PLUS library routines provide facilities to
support communication lines, detached jobs, device
allocating and deallocating, file structured device
mounting and dismounting, communication between running
programs, job privileges control, job status monitoring,
program performance analysis, real time program execution,
shared runtime systems, shared files, special files
information, spooler control, subprocess control, system
status information, communication between running
programs and a terminal, program control of the terminal,
ODT activation mode, user name control, windowing, and
several miscellaneous EMTs.
The TSXLIB distribution kit includes the MACRO-11 source
modules for all the routines, a user's manual in machine
readable form, an indirect command file to build the
library, and the implemented library.  The FORTRAN sources
for some test programs are also included.  These test
programs have been executed with both FORTRAN 66 and FORTRAN
Changes and Improvements: New routines for TSX-PLUS V6.31.
Media (Service Charge Code): Two RX50 Diskettes (JB)  Format: RT-11,
One RX02 Diskette (LA)  Format: RT-11, 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)
Format: RT-11, TK50 Tape Cartridge (TC)  Format: RT-11

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