110495     TTLIB:  VT100 Library Routines  Version: V5, August 1985
Submitted by: Chester Wilson, Charleville, Australia
Operating System: RT-11 V5  Source Language: MACRO-11  Keywords: VT100
Abstract: TTLIB is a library of routines for controlling a VT100
terminal using ANSI escape sequences.  Routines are available
for almost all the functions provided on a VT100.  TTLIB
provides an easy user interface to these functions from
programs written in MACRO-11, FORTRAN or DECUS C.
The C section of the library has been rewritten in C itself,
and provides for output either to the terminal or to a file.
As TTLIB is a library, only the functions which are actually
required by a program are linked into that program, providing
a considerable saving in memory over packages which contain
all the routines in one module.
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX01 Diskette (KA)  Format: RT-11,
600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: RT-11

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