110507     SOS: A Program for Saving Deleted Files  Version: V2.1,
July 1984
Submitted by: James F. Carter, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
Operating System: RSX-11M V4.0  Source Language: MACRO-11  Memory
Required: 8KW  Software Required: F11 ACP Works only on FILES-11
Volumes.  Keywords: File Management, Utilities - RSX-11
Abstract: When you accidentally delete a file on a FILES-11
volume, the data and file header are still intact, until
re-used for another file. You can recover the data using
SOS. It works much like PIP, copying the data to a new
file on another unit. You can use wildcards in the input
file specification, and you can specify a file owner
other than yourself. If you omit the version you get the
latest version of the file; version -1 gives you the
earliest version. SOS can also read non-deleted files.
SOS checks file protection on the input file and output
Restrictions: The program is supposed to work on multi-header files,
but this feature could not be tested.
Media (Service Charge Code): Write-Up (AA), One RX01 Diskette (KA)
Format: FILES-11, 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: FILES-11

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