110508     STAT  Version: July 1982
Submitted by: Lars Palmer, AB Hassle, Molndal, Sweden
Operating System: IAS, RSX-11M, VAX/VMS  Source Language: FORTRAN
IV-PLUS  Memory Required: IAS: 32K partition, RSX: 32K, VMS: 300K
Keywords: Statistics
Abstract: STAT is a large program package containing approximately 30
statistical analyses and control routines in one homogenous
package.  It contains:
. Simple populations statistics and listings
. Analysis of variance (several forms)
. Regression statistics (several forms)
. Several non-parametric tests
The program also contains graphical routines and a program
for non-linear regressions using a GAUSS-NEUTON type
minimization (LESQ).
The program is very modular and it is not very difficult to
add a new routine to those in the package.
The programs for the VAX and for the PDP-11 are compiled
from the same sources using different parameter files for
their construction.  In both cases so are are the programs
based on FORTRAN 77 and contain many constructs that make
adaptation to earlier FORTRAN compilers difficult.
The 11M media contains all the programs but only STAT and
OUTLAY have been tested.  No promise is given that the other
programs will work under RSX but they will 'probably' do so
(they have been used under RSX/IAS previously and there has
'probably' not been any significant changes to them).  The
files to these programs are called *.VAX on the tape.  STAT
and OUTLAY have been both on 11M and are known to work in
their present form.  The command file RSX.CMD on the RSX
tape will produce a full copy and compile of the programs
from the sources.
The command file RSXINS.CMD will copy in the programs needed
for running the tasks but not install them.  STAT under 11M
is now released as this final product.  We will not do
anymore work on it nor will we support it any further.  We
do not have reference installations available where we can test
it any longer.  Anyone wishing to do so may take the VAX
version and backtrack the material to the PDP-11 version and
resubmit it to DECUS.
Notes: For VAX/VMS distribution of STAT please see DECUS No. VAX-5.
Media (Service Charge Code): 2400' Magnetic Tape (PA)  Format: DOS-11

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