110513     C Language System for RT-11 (Binary Version)  Version:
January 1982
Author: David Conroy, Martin Minow, Robert Denny and Charles Forsythe
Submitted by: Eric Morton, Sanders Technology Inc., Amherst, NH
Operating System: RT-11 V3B  Source Language: C, MACRO-11  Memory
Required: 24KW Minimum  Keywords: Compilers, Programming Languages
Abstract: C is a general purpose programming language well
suited for professional usage. The DECUS C
distribution contains a complete C programming
system including:
. A compiler for the C language. The entire language
  is supported except for floating-point, macros with
  arguments, bit fields, and enumeration.
. A common runtime library ('standard I/O library') for
  C programs running under the RT-11 operating
  system. By using this library, C programs may be
  developed on one operating system for eventual use on
. Several C programs, including a cross-referencer
  lister for C programs, a lexical analyser program
  generator, cross-assemblers for several microcomputers,
  and several games.
. Extensive documentation for the compiler and runtime
All documentation (RUNOFF files only) is included on the
magnetic media, but can be ordered in hard-copy.  The
ordering information is listed below:
. Order 11-513 (KC) for the Floppy Diskette
. Order 11-513 (EA) for Lex:  A Lexical Analyser Generator
. Order 11-513 (EB) for the Tool Library Reference Manual
. Order 11-513 (EC) for the Compiler and Library Software
  Support Manual
Notes: All software is distributed in Binary format. "C" may be run
under RT-11 V3B.
Magtape users should order DECUS No. 11-SP-18, which is a more
offering of the "C" Language System, and does include sources.
Sources not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EA), User's Manual (EB),
User's Manual (ED), Three RX01 Diskettes (KC)  Format: RT-11

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