110529     DBSMNG: Data Base Management Package Source Kit  Version:
V3.1, March 1985
Submitted by: Ray DiMarco, S.E.Q.E.B., Brisbane, Australia
Operating System: RSTS/E V7(under RT-11 emulat.), RT-11 V5, TSX-PLUS
V5  Source Language: MACRO-11  Memory Required: 32KB  Hardware
Required: EIS  Keywords: Data Base Management, Libraries - RT-11,
Utilities - RT-11
Abstract: DBSMNG is designed to support small, homogenous databases of
approximately 4000 records, and allows databases to be
quickly established and maintained.  Included in the kit are:
MENU    	A menu supervisor program
DBSEDT  	A screen based database editor
INSKEY  	A multi-key online database inspector
REPORT  	A report writer
TPLMAC  	A card image to database definition compiler
TPLREP  	A card image to report layout definition compiler
DBSFOR  	A FORTRAN callable database interface
FILING 		A demonstration computerized filing system
PHONES  	A demonstration computerized phone number
and various other utilities, libraries and a manual. As well as
small corrections and enhancements, the following major
changes have been made in V3.1:
DBSFOR  	The functionality of the FORTRAN interface has been
		increased significantly and the documentation improved.
REPORT  	The report writer now supports simple BCD arithmetic,
		conditional blocks and data formatting directives.
SORTER  	The sorter has been sped up and now supports
SELECT  	Now supports a range directive that determines the
		records that are to be processed.
MENU    	Now supports silent cusp evokation, terminal dialog,
		a user definable variable and TSX-PLUS job parameters.
The source kit contains all the MACRO sources and command
files needed to build DBSMNG, as well as a copy of the binary
distribution kit.
Notes: This source distribution kit is intended for experienced
MACRO programmers.  It is highly recommended that users order
the smaller, easier to install binary kit (DECUS No. 11-695).
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (ED), 2400' Magnetic Tape
(PA)  Format: RT-11

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