110540     HP9872 Plotting Package for use with MINCs  Version: 2.0,
August 1982
Submitted by: Rangarajan Jayaraman, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Operating System: MINC, RT-11 V4  Source Language: FORTRAN IV V2.5,
MACRO-11  Memory Required: 64 KB  Hardware Required: IBV11-A (IEEE-488
Instrument Bus Interface), HP9872 Graphics Plotter with HP-IB
Interface.  Keywords: MINC/RT-11 Software, Plotting
Abstract: This powerful and comprehensive plotting package
consists of a number of FORTRAN callable subroutines for
using a HP9872 Graphics Plotter with MINC computers. The
main objectives of the package are to free the user from
having to acquire detailed knowledge of the hardware and
software aspects of the plotter for its effective usage
and to provide routines which generate 'standard plots'
of 'report quality' with minimal input from the user
while assuming on the part of the user minimal knowledge
of the package itself.
Some of the many features of this package are: Linear or
logarithmic mapping along either or both axes, numerical
labels along axes, tic marks, grid lines, axes titles,
plot title, character strings with super and subscripts,
symbols at data points, different types of lines between
data points, five different types of single frames,
fourteen different types of multiple frames with shifted
origins, line type legend blocks, informative legend
blocks and auto ranging.
Media (Service Charge Code): Source Listing (BC), User's Manual (ED),
One RX01 Diskette (KA)  Format: RT-11, 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)
Format: RT-11

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