110552     EVOKE  Version: May 1982
Submitted by: Herbert J. Gould, University of Illinois Medical Center,
Chicago, IL
Operating System: RT-11  Source Language: FORTRAN IV, MACRO-11  Memory
Required: 64K Bytes  Software Required: Correlation subroutines from
RT-11 SSP.  Hardware Required: VT-105, A/D-D/A, DLV11J, Hiplot Plotter
(optional).  Keywords: Scientific Applications
Abstract: The EVOKE program was designed to collect volume
conducted brain stem potentials evoked by auditory
stimuli. Responses are collected over a 30 msec time
frame, 5 msec pre and 25 msec post stimulus. Sampling is
at 10,000 samples/sec. Summed activity is displayed on
line using an oscilloscope and offline on a VT105. Four
runs are maintained active on the system and can be
manipulated using routines for add, subtract, point
smooth, cross correlate and z score transform. Hard copy
plotting is contained in a subroutine which is passed to
the data array. Sampling rate, A/D-D/A address, and
numbers of samples/run are easily modifyable in the
MACRO routine.
Notes: Developed on MINC-11, applicable to other PDP-11
Complete sources not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX01 Diskette (KA)  Format: RT-11,
600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: RT-11

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