110576     European MINC Package #5 - Data Analysis  Version:
September 1982
Author: Various
Submitted by: Roselyne Lenoir
Operating System: MINC, RT-11  Source Language: FORTRAN IV, MINC BASIC
 Keywords: MINC/RT-11 Software
Abstract: These packages are the result of a MINC contest held by
the European Digital MINC Produc Group. The following is
a brief description of the programs to be found:
CURFON 		 A regression program cleaning our experimental
USQUE 		 User question, treatment of surveys
DAMIX 		 Computer mix of variables for regression; a new
		 version of a MAP 1 program
ROTAN 		 Rotational signed analysis program; Fourier
		 signal analysis (up to 20kHz input signal)
EMAFIT 		 High precision experimental curve fitting
CEPH 		 Orthodontic evaluation of lateral skull
SAC		 Using a  Graf pen and a GP-6-20 digitizer
AVERAG 		 A general average package for biochemical
		 signal processing
VARRITT 	 One way analysis of variance
Media (Service Charge Code): Three RX02 Diskettes (LC)  Format: RT-11

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