110585     DISKMT, VARASC and DOSRT: Programs for Reading and Writing
Magnetic Tapes  Version: October 1982
Submitted by: Antti Virjo, Central University Hospital of Tampere,
Operating System: GAMMA-11, RT-11 V4.0(GAMMA-11 not necc.)  Source
Language: FORTRAN IV  Memory Required: 12KW  Hardware Required:
Magnetic tape drive, e.g. TS-11  Keywords: Magnetic Tape Handler
Abstract: The program DISKMT makes it possible to transfer RT-11
files to magtape 'MT' in a special FILES-11 format that
can be read both with VAX/VMS and RT-11 operating
systems and probably with IAS or other 'big' DEC
operating systems. This tape format is ANSI standard
format with two header labels and fixed length records
(block length = record length = 512 bytes). For further
documentation, see file DISKMT.DOC, which also contains
other useful information on handling RT files on VAX,
the use of VAX utility FLX etc.
The program VARASC in turn is a program that allows one
to convert a number of FILES-11 ASCII files to RT-11
ASCII files. Such file format is often used on ANSI
standard magtapes (with variable length record file
format) coming, for example, from VAX/VMS or IAS
operating systems. For further documentation., see file
The program DOSRT allows one to transfer files from a
DOS format magtape to an RT disk (directory structured
device). With DOSRT one can take a directory of the DOS
tape, search for all files with a given name (including
RT-11 wildcards * and %), and transfer files from a
certain part of the tape. For further documentation, see
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX01 Diskette (KA)  Format: RT-11,
600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: RT-11

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