110590     MINC-11 Data Acquisition Package for RSX-11M  Version: July
Submitted by: Walter E. Wahnsiedler, Aluminum Company of America,
Alcoa Center, PA
Operating System: MINC, RSX-11M V4.0  Source Language: FORTRAN-77
Memory Required: 54KB  Hardware Required: In submitted form, MINC
analog-digital modules (MNCAD MNCAM). Can be readily modified to other
A-D's.  Keywords: Conversions - Analog/Digital, Graphics, MINC/RSX-11
Abstract: This package consists of three FORTRAN programs and
related files which implement a flexible data
acquisition algorithm for RSX-11M based systems. The
analog-to-digital converter handling is set up to use
MINC-series modules (MNCAD, MNCAM), but the code dealing
with actual analog-to-digital conversion is collected in
one subroutine to make modifications to other hardware
easy. During the data acquisition process, the user is
provided with a live terminal keyboard which can be used
to modify any of the following data collection
parameters. Accessible parameters are the disk storage
file name, assigned A-D channel numbers, preamplifier
settings (MNCAG), collection rate, total time to
collect, scale factors, and storage suppression
threshold. The user can also start and stop data
collection sequences from his terminal and force the
collection of one or more individual data points at any
While data is being collected, the user may also
"disconnect" his terminal from the data collection
process, allowing it to be used for other purposes. Data
may be written out numerically on the user's terminal as
it is taken, or returned via system messages to a
customized program for graphic display. An example of
such a customized graphic program is included for VT105
and VT125 terminals. Up to three user terminals may be
simultaneously "connected" to the data acquisition
process, and each may display the data numerically,
graphically, or both, and each may be used to modify the
data collection process in any way. A "profile" of
default parameters is kept for each user, to alleviate
the necessity of entering repetitive information each
time the programs are run.
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX01 Diskette (KA)  Format: FILES-11,
600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: FILES-11

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