110597     Reminder  Version: 1.1, October 1989
Author: Bill Brandt and Jeff Lightle, The Defiance College, Defiance,
Submitted by: Bill Brandt, The Defiance College, Defiance, OH
Operating System: RSTS/E V9.6  Source Language: BASIC-PLUS-2  Memory
Required: 15 KW  Software Required: BASIC-PLUS-2 compiler if user
wants to recompile  Keywords: Calendars, Scheduling
Abstract: Reminder is a Desk Top Calendar package that combines a
BASIC-PLUS-2 rewrite of Mitch Wyle's Desk Top Calendar
program with a login tickler program and an on line tickler
(Reminder) program.  The login tickler program is invoked from
the user's login.com file and displays the day's scheduled
appointments as the user logs in.  The Reminder program is
designed to wake up every fifteen minutes and inform the
users of scheduled appointments that are approaching within
a two hour interval.  The Reminder program runs as a
detached job and allows selective user access to the tickling
process.  Some tailoring of the Desk Top Calendar program has
been done to improve ease of use.  However, many of the original
features have been included such as day, week, month, year
at-a-glance, free time display, evening appointments and
others.  Some fixes were made to ensure a consistent date
and time format.  The programs were designed to work with
VT100 terminals, but can easily be modified for other types
of terminals.  All the programs are written in BASIC-PLUS-2,
but could be modified for BASIC-PLUS.  Task images are
supplied on tape for those without a BASIC-PLUS-2 compiler.
Notes: Some of the original features of Mitch Wyle's Desk Top Calendar
program were
not included to simplify the use of the system.
Changes and Improvements: Addition of an on-line Reminder (tickler)
program and a login tickler
program and fixes to the BASIC-PLUS-2 rewrite.
Media (Service Charge Code): 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: DOS-11

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