110602     RSTS Libraries for Swedish PASCAL  Version: July 1984
Submitted by: Thomas Breeden, University of Virginia, Charlottesville,
Operating System: RSTS/E V8.0  Source Language: MACRO-11, PASCAL
Memory Required: Varies  Software Required: Swedish PASCAL Compiler
(DECUS No. 11-346). (I have included a 32K executable version of this
compiler. It will not run on RSTS/E versions before 8.0. Also, it uses
FPP and EIS instructions.)  Hardware Required: FPP required for some
procedures.  Keywords: Libraries - RSTS/E, PASCAL, Tools - Software
Abstract: SWELOC.OLB is a library of 44 Swedish PASCAL (DECUS No.
11-346) external procedures giving PASCAL programs
access to many RSTS/E operating system facilities.
These include magtape functions, RSTS native block IO,
wildcard lookup, date and time, job information,
messages, detach, chain, logout, priority, broadcast,
sleep, assign, RAD50.
SWEST2.OLB 	 A library of procedures for string
SWEDOU.OLB 	 A library of 18 procedures for 32 bit
		 integer arithmetic and printout
SWERMS.OLB 	 A library which provides an interface
		 between Swedish PASCAL and RMS
SWEHEA.OLB 	 A library implementing a true dymamic heap
		 for Swedish PASCAL. Allocation and deallocation do not
		 need to be stack oriented as do the compiler-supported
The Swedish PASCAL compiler runs well under the RSX
emulator of RSTS. Unfortunately, because of a change in
the SYSLIB of RSTS V8.0, some changes in the TKB build
command files and a new version of module RECURS of
PAS.OLB are required before task building. See the file
LOCPAT.DOC for more information.
I have included a 32K PAS.TSK compiler on this tape and
also my version of locally patched modules. Note that
P11DEF.MAC must be assembled along with these in order
to resolve all identifiers. Also included is a
provisional PASCAL resident library, PASRES. This is to
be installed beneath the RMS resident libraries and does
NOT support any PASCAL IO except that to TTY. It is
designed to be used by programs utilizing SWERMS
routines for their file processing. PASRES was created
as an interesting experiment. It seems to work, but I
have not used it much. It is NOT necessary to use this
resident library in order to use the SWERMS procedures.
One unsolved problem of running under RSTS is that the
$I include option of Swedish PASCAL works correctly
only when all files involved have the VAR SEQ directory
attributes. Unattributed native RSTS text files do not
work. VAR SEQ files can be produced directly by the EDT
editor using the "/VAR" switch or can be produced
from native text files by PIP using the "/RMS"
Restrictions: A 32K executable version of the Swedish PASCAL (DECUS
No. 11-346) is included on the tape. It will not run on
RSTS/E versions before 8.0. Also it requires FPP and EIS
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EC), 600' Magnetic Tape
(MA)  Format: DOS-11

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