110603     TEXT System for Technical Manuscript Preparation  Version:
March 1983
Submitted by: Dan Dill, Boston University, Boston, MA
Operating System: RSX-11M V3.2 or later, RT-11 V4.0 or later, VAX/VMS
V2.0 or later  Source Language: C, MACRO-11  Memory Required: 16.5
Kbytes  Software Required: DECUS No. 11-530 "RUNOFF"  Hardware
Required: NEC Spinwriter (33xx, 55xx, or 77xx series) with Technical
Math/Times Roman type thimble  Keywords: Scientific Applications, Text
Formatting, Word Processing
Abstract: The TEXT System is a collection of software tools, which
in combination with DECUS RUNOFF (rno) form a
comprehensive text processing system for technical
manuscript preparation of PDP-11 and VAX-11 computers
with NEC Spinwriters and the Technical Math / Times
Roman type thimble. The tools consist of:
TXT 	 RNO technical manuscript preprocessor to
	 facilitate use of the super/subscripting and alternate
	 character set features of the Spinwriter / TM/TR thimble
MP	 MACRO preprocessor / txtsys.h - TEXT System macros,
	 to define sequences of TXT / RNO commands as new
	 commands to make document entry easier, and to
	 selectively include portions of text from other files
	 within a document
EQU 	 Utility to extract just the equations from a
	 document, into a file which will yield an annotated,
	 formatted text. This greatly speeds debugging of
QIO	 (RSX-11M/VMS) / SP: (RT-11) - The QIO task / SP:
	 handler implements output of the often very long
	 sequences of control characters to the Spinwriter
DOC 	 TEXT System control program, to coordinate and
	 automate processing by the TEXT Systems components
	 EQU, MP, TXT, RNO, and QIO/SP: DOC provides a uniform command
	 interface to the TEXT System components for RT-11,
	 RSX-11M, and VMS
All sources and full documentation on each component are
provided, including a detailed TXT manual. TXT is
written in MACRO-11 (as are RNO, QIO, and SP:) and
commented to be easily output to other output devices. DOC,
EQU, and MP are written in DECUS C; task/save images are
provided in case DECUS C is not available.
Notes: DECUS RUNOFF, now modified to pass txt control sequences
transparently to its fill/justification computations, is
necesary to use this package. The Version is M02.4,
DECUS No. 11-530.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EC), Two RX01 Diskettes
(KB)  Format: RT-11, 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: RT-11

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