110607     MEMO  Version: V1a, February 1983
Submitted by: Mark J. Gilmore, California State Univ. at Long Beach,
Long Beach, CA
Operating System: RSTS/E V7  Source Language: BASIC-PLUS  Memory
Required: 9KW  Keywords: Utilities - RSTS/E
Abstract: MEMO was written to help people who are usually (or
constantly) at or near a terminal during the course of a
work day. It acts as a computerized 'note box', giving
users a quick, convenient way of storing notes about
good ideas and/or things to do where they will not be
lost (as is frequently the case with paper notes written
to oneself). Features include listing memos by subject
material, appending to previously entered memos and
output to a file.
Media (Service Charge Code): Write-Up and Listing (DA), 600' Magnetic
Tape (MA)  Format: DOS-11

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