110683     RUNOFF for RSX-11 and RSTS/E  Version: VS1.4, October 1983
Submitted by: Charles H. Spalding, Adept Technology, Inc., Mountain
View, CA
Operating System: IAS, RSTS/E, RSX-11M  Source Language: MACRO-11
Memory Required: 10KW to 14KW  Keywords: RUNOFF, Text Formatting
Abstract: RUNOFF greatly aids the preparation of documents and
manuals. Some of the facilities provided by the program
are: automatic line fill and right margin justification,
hyphenation, section labeling, pagination, positioning
of tables of figures, and creation of tables of contents
and an index.
This version of RUNOFF is an update and enhancement of
an earlier DECUS library version. (It is not, however,
derived from DECUS No. 11-530. In particular, this
version does NOT run under RT-11, nor does it support
the "transparent string" feature of that version.)
This program includes several features for producing
documents which are to be copied on both sides of the
paper. Other new features include the following: the
ability to combine multiple input files; up to three
tables of contents can be produced (e.g., Contents,
Figures, and Tables; the Contents table can be
automatically generated); subentries can be recorded in
the index; the index buffer self-expands as required.
Notes: Many bugs have been fixed and several existing features have
been enhanced.
The user manual has been extensively updated, including descriptions
of all
the new features.
Media (Service Charge Code): Write-Up (AA), User's Manual (EB), 600'
Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: DOS-11

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