110688     Monitor Commands for Namelists Package  Version: V1.0,
November 1983
Submitted by: John Alexander, Shiva Associates, Sepulveda, CA
Operating System: RT-11  Source Language: TECO-11  Software Required:
TECO-11  Keywords: TECO, Tools - Applications Development
Abstract: This is a group of keyboard monitor "Executives"
that is intended to allow the user to utilize a
"Namelist" file to perform keyboard monitor
commands, and others on a group of modules. The
"executives" call up TECO files to perform the work.
The TECO executive gets the namelist of modules, or
single files, and creates further com lines that operate
on the specified files.
This can be very useful to the user that has 5 to 105
modules that make up a major program. A typical
executive is one that will merge files into a single
file to allow global edits. When finished the user may
then utilize split .N to split them out again. To
execute any of these "executives", type in
"@" in front of the executive name and a
carriage return. The executive's name will prompt the
user for inputs.
For example: To create an alphabetized name list of
files type in @NAM.N. To see a directory of the
available executives type in @D.N. To copy a group
of modules in a namelist to a device type in
@COPY.N, etc.
In general any executives that end in "E" are more
general executives, e.g., COPYE.N allows the user to
specify a different file type to copy than the module
names have in the name list file. RENAME.N allows a
source namelist and a destination namelist, etc.
Restrictions: Dependent upon RT-11 Executives that utilize TECO.
Media (Service Charge Code): Write-Up (AA), One RX01 Diskette (KA)
Format: RT-11

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