110692     TRAMP for RSX-11  Version: November 1983
Author: F. A. Minkema and R. Beetz
Submitted by: R. Beetz, Akzo Pharma, The Netherlands
Operating System: RSX-11M  Source Language: FORTRAN IV-PLUS  Memory
Required: 58KB  Hardware Required: VT100 Series  Keywords: Menu
Control, Tools - Applications Development
Abstract: TRAMP software contains the tools for developing menu
controlled applications, form applications, and report
applications. TRAMP now brings the speed, convenience,
accuracy, and low cost of computerized processing to
users who, in the past have been building the same kind
of controlling mechanism more than once. Menus, forms,
and reports are designed by the use of a description
language. TRAMP associates constant data with the menu,
form and report layout, not with the application
program, resulting in simplified application program
maintenance and increased application program
flexibility. Some menu, form, and report layout
parameters can later be modified without the need to
recompile the application program. A complete set of
program documentation is delivered automatically.
TRAMP software has three main components for developing
and executing application programs:
. Menu, form, and report ASCII source file
. MPR, TFR, and RGR compilers for checking and
  converting source files and generating documentation
. Driver subroutines
Additionally, there is a general purpose routine library
RTLIB (or RSXLIB) that is used with or without TRAMP.
Media (Service Charge Code): 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: FILES-11

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