110694     WORD: Document Spelling Checker/Corrector  Version: June
Submitted by: R. R. DiMarco, South East Old Electricity Board,
Brisbane, Australia
Operating System: RSTS/E, RT-11, TSX-PLUS  Source Language: MACRO-11
Memory Required: 28KB  Hardware Required: EIS  Keywords: Spell
Abstract: The WORD package consists of a 15000 word dictionary
file and a number of simple programs that allow the
dictionary to be used in the correction of spelling
errors in documents. The major components of the kit
. WORDS.DIC...dictionary file
. WORDS.SAV...flags possible spelling errors
. WORDE.SAV...corrects spelling errors
. SPELL.SAV...finds correct spelling from abbreviation
. SOUND.SAV...finds correct spelling from sound
Media (Service Charge Code): Two RX01 Diskettes (KB)  Format: RT-11,
600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: RT-11

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Created: December 26, 1998