110695     DBSMNG: A Small Database Management Package Binary Kit
Version: V3.1, November 1984
Submitted by: Ray DiMarco, SEQEB, Brisbane, Australia
Operating System: RSTS/E V7(under RT-11 Emulatr), RT-11 V5, TSX-PLUS
V5  Source Language: MACRO-11  Memory Required: 32KB  Hardware
Required: EIS  Keywords: Data Base Management, Utilities - RSTS/E,
Utilities - RT-11
Abstract: DBSMNG is designed to support small, homogeneous databases
approximately 4000 records, and allows databases to be
quickly established and maintained.  Included in the kit are:
MENU   		A menu supervisor program
DBSEDT  	A screen based database editor
INSKEY  	A multi-key online database inspector
REPORT  	A report writer
TPLMAC  	A card image to database definition compiler
TPLREP  	A card image to report layout definition compiler
DBSFOR  	A FORTRAN callable database interface
FILING  	A demonstration computerized filing system
PHONES  	A demonstration computerized phone number application
and various other utilities, libraries and a manual.  Sources
are not needed and are not included on the kit.  The source
kit is available as a separate submission (DECUS No. 11-529)
but is really of little use.  The user manual, produced on a
letter quality printer, is also available as a separate
submission (DECUS No. 11-529) and is preferable to the manual
on the binary kit.
Changes and Improvements: As well as many small corrections and
enhancements, the following major
changes have been made in V3.1:DBSFOR; the functionality of the
interface has been increased significantly and the documentation
REPORT; the report writer now supports simple BCD arithmetic,
blocks and data formatting directives.  SORTER; the sorter has been
sped up
and now supports /STATISTICS, /REVERSE-ORDER and /PAUSE switches.
supports a range directive that determines the records that are to be
processed.  MENU; now supports silent cusp envokation, terminal
dialog, a
user definable variable and TSX-Plus job parameters.
Sources not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): Two RX02 Diskettes (LB)  Format: RT-11,
600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: RT-11

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