110703     RUNOFF, Bonner Lab  Version: December 1985
Submitted by: John Clement, Rice University, Houston, TX
Operating System: RSX-11D, RSX-11M, RSX-11M-PLUS, RSX-11S, VAX/VMS
Source Language: MACRO-11  Keywords: RUNOFF, Text Formatting
Abstract: Bonner Lab Runoff is a text formatter which when used with
your favorite editor makes a complete word processor.  Its
syntax is almost a complete emulation of DSR (Digital
Standard Runoff) and it is very compatible with previous
versions of Runoff.  The document and help file for this
version can also be used for DSR.  The intent of this program
is to support complete scientific word processing to produce
publication quality output.  It has been used to produce
thesis, progress reports, and scientific papers here at Rice
This version allows complete control of any special printer
available via user definable escape sequences.  In addition
a MACRO facility allows text or sequences of commands to be
abbreviated to a single label.  If the printer has the
correct features then variable spacing, subscripting,
superscripting and equation formatting are possible.  By
properly defining escape sequences, the user may support
different printers in a transparent fashion.  In other words
the same input text will print in identical fashion on
different printers with different control codes and escape
Table of contents, indexing and sub-indexing are all supported.
Multiple table of contents or multiple indexing may be
constructed from available commands.  A variety of LAYOUT and
STYLE commands may completely change the look of the pages.
Table layout is simplified by right justified and 'decimal'
justified tabs.  Permanent margins which apply to the page
headers are available.  These simplify the setting of header
and text margins.
All special characters are redefinable.  The user may define new
commands, and text macros.  By defining commands you can make
it resemble other text formatters, or other versions of
RUNOFF.  You may define numeric symbols facilitate
constructing lists of arbitrary items.  These allow page and
section references.  A 2 pass option allows forward
references to symbols defined later in the text.
This runs under VMS, RSX, IAS, RT11, TSX, and probably RSTS.
It should run on a PRO with no modifications.  RNO occupies a
minimum of 30 to 37 Kbytes depending on the operating system.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EC), 600' Magnetic Tape
(MA)  Format: DOS-11

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