110708     RSTS System Utilities from the University of Tennessee
Version: June 1984
Submitted by: Harry Flowers, University of Tennessee, Memphis, TN
Operating System: RSTS/E V7.1, 7.2, 8.0  Source Language: BASIC-PLUS
Memory Required: Varies (MONITR requires 17KW)  Software Required:
SPLRUN patch requires large system spooling package, MONITR assumes
OPSER running, but not necessary.  Keywords: System Management -
RSTS/E, Utilities - RSTS/E
Abstract: This package contains four separate utilities. Following
is a brief description of each:
SPLRUN patch - We have patched SPLRUN to count pages. If
you use the big spooling package and would like to keep
track of the pages you print, this patch works fairly
well. One known problem with it is it comes up one short
if there is no job burst page printed...shouldn't be too
hard to fix if it matters to you. On our system, SPLRUN
sends a message to our online accounting program. For
purposes of this patch, the information is being sent to
the OSC through OPSER.
SPLPAT.CMD ATPK command file for patch and compile (read
before you execute)
System monitoring package (MONITR) - The package
performs similar to a combination of DYNPRI and KBMON.
If you have both of these programs running, you can save
a job slot with MONITR. MONITR also has some additional
features which can be very useful.
Package consists of:
. MONITR.BAS monitoring program (runs detached)
. KBOARD.BAS keyboard report and maintenance
. KBOARD.MTR keyboard data file (created by KBOARD.BAS)
. SNDMTR.BAS message sender to MONITR
. MONITR.DOC documentation for this package
. MONITR.CMD command file for CUSP compiling
For further details, see MONITR.DOC documentation.
Billboard - public notes system which acts as a
billboard. Care was taken to write this program without
cursor control so that it may be run from any terminal.
See source code for further details. You will probably
wish to modify the help screen, as it contains
references to UTCHS.
. BILBRD.BAS billboard program
. BILBRD.BAS must be compiled with the privileged bit set
  in the protection code, as [232]
Password changers - programs which will change the
passwords to accounts. You are prompted for the old
password, then the new password twice to make sure it's
. PASWRD.BAS changes password to any user account
. PRIVP .BAS changes the password to all privileged
. PASWRD.BAS must be compiled with the privileged bit set
  in the protection code, as [232]
. PRIVP.BAS should NOT have the privileged bit set, to
  force running it from a privileged account
Restrictions: SPLRUN gives one less page than was printed if no job
burst page was specified. For MONITR a maximum of 128
configured keyboards, assumes OPSER online, but will run
without OPSER. See documentation for further details.
Media (Service Charge Code): 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: DOS-11

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