110717     One-Drive Diskette and File Copy  Version: March 1984
Submitted by: Henry O. Peterson, Bend, OR
Operating System: Heath USCD PASCAL Version II.0, RT-11 V3  Source
Language: MACRO-11, USCD PASCAL  Memory Required: 8KW  Software
Required: For PASCAL programs: USCD PASCAL, Version II.0 including the
means to: Copy from RT-11, compile and assemble. For documentation:
RUNOFF with hyphenation (DECUS No. 11-530).  Hardware Required: At
least one RX01 floppy drive with: CSR at 177170, DBR at 177172, octal.
One drive must be DX0.  Keywords: Utilities - RT-11
Abstract: These programs are intended to allow, on a Heath HT-11,
or Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-11 V03 system which
uses RX01 floppy drives; copying of files via a "scratch
diskette" or diskettes with only one drive (DX0:) working.
Additionally, if you also have USCD PASCAL, version II.0,
on the same computer those text files can be copied between
the same RT-11 or HT-11 system via the same "scratch diskette"
with the same one drive. In some cases, read-after-write is
used. Also, in case of some errors, recopying of previously
copied data may not be necessary.
It seems that these programs may be especially useful if
you have purchased a system for which you undertake most
repairs yourself.
In the case of a hardware problem with a floppy drive,
these programs may allow the use of your system, if it
can function with the remaining drive, while the faulty
drive is being repaired.
Notes: HT-11 or RT-11 File Copy: System Device Handler must be
memory-resident. (The Handler for any file whose file
specs were entered while the system diskette was out of
its drive must be memory-resident).
Restrictions: There is a risk of diskette damage while using these
programs if any of the following occurs: an incorrect
diskette is written on, certain characters are typed, or
a hardware error occurs. One objective in writing these
programs was to minimize such risk.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EA), One RX01 Diskette
(KA)  Format: RT-11, 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: RT-11

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