110725     PASCAL Formatter  Version: August 1983
Submitted by: John E. Crider, Shell Oil Company, Houston, TX
Operating System: RSX-11M, UCSD P-System, VAX/VMS  Source Language:
PASCAL  Keywords: PASCAL, Tools - Applications Development
Abstract: The program "PASCAL Formatter" formats PASCAL programs.  It
implements a technique that is based on the simple
"inverted-L" form, in which all subsequent lines of a
structure are indented with respect to the first (a common
way of displaying tree structures).  Comments are generally
aligned on the right half of the lines.
The program is portable.  It is written conservatively and
essentially in Standard PASCAL.
The program formats many PASCAL fragments as well as
complete programs; thus the program may be used during
program development.
The program is tailorable, in that numerous constant
parameters that affect the format can be adjusted by the
programmer.  It is also designed to process source programs
written primarily in Standard PASCAL; thus it may not fully
process programs that include certain dialect extensions.
Besides a portable version, specific versions are included
for DECUS Swedish Pascal under RSX-11M, for Oregon Software
Pascal 2 under RSX-11M, for VAX Pascal, and for "UCSD
Pascal" (the last is a trademark of the University of
The formatting technique used here provides the programmer
with a simple but powerful method of confirming manually the
correct number of "end" symbols at the end of nested
structured statements.  This gives the programmer a valuable
way of detecting and correcting certain errors early in the
Extensive documentation is provided in documentation files
and in the source code in comments.
Media (Service Charge Code): Source Listing (BA), User's Manual (EA),
Two RX01 Diskettes (KB)  Format: RT-11, 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)
Format: DOS-11

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