110730     Steinmetz High School Card Reader Monitor  Version: V8.0,
December 1983
Submitted by: Francis W. Harsey, Steinmetz High School, Chicago, IL
Operating System: RSTS/E V7.0 or V8.0 required  Source Language:
BASIC-PLUS  Memory Required: 16KB  Software Required: RSTS/E Batch
processing and spooling package (OPSER, BATCH, QUEMAN, SPOOL, QUE),
PSEUDO keyboard  Hardware Required: Card reader, line printer
Keywords: Utilities - RSTS/E
Abstract: The card reader monitor package is a package consisting
of three files:
READER.BAS is a program which runs detached and monitors
the card reader at 10 second intervals. In addition,
READER.BAS includes 4 modes of processing: queueing of
control files, creation of files anywhere on the system
disk, listing of cards on the line printer, and a
special feature which allows the user to disable the
reader program for 60 seconds to allow the user to use
the card reader for his/her own applications (I.E.
'PIP', 'RUN CR:', ETC.).
SENDER.BAS allows the system manager to communicate with
the reader program while it is online to either shutdown
the reader program, suspend the reader program for a
period of time, change the message console, or resume
reader operations after a suspend command was issued.
READER.DOC contains complete documentation necessary to
use the package.
Restrictions: QUE program must be defined as a CCL command, (i.e. Run
$UTILITY and then type: CCL QU-EUE=$QUE.*;PRIV
Media (Service Charge Code): 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: DOS-11

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