110731     KERMIT-11  Version: V3.50, April 1986
Submitted by: Brian Nelson, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH
Operating System: IAS V3.1, P/OS 2.0, PRO/RT-11 V5.2, RSTS/E V9.1,
9.2, RSX-11M V4.1, RSX-11M-PLUS V2.1, 3.0, RT-11, V5.1, 5.2  Source
Language: MACRO-11  Memory Required: 20KW to 40KW  Hardware Required:
Extra DL11 or a DZ, DH, DHV or DHU Port  Keywords: Data
Communications, KERMIT, Utilities - RSTS/E, Utilities - RSX-11,
Utilities - RT-11
Abstract: KERMIT is a protocal originally developed at Columbia
University which has been used to implement error free
packet file transfer and communications between computer
systems, both mainframe to mainframe and micro to mainframe.
This KERMIT-11 was developed by the author for RSTS/E,
RSX-11M-PLUS, RSX-11M and RT-11.
KERMIT-11 will run on RSX-11M version 4.0 and RSTS/E version
7.2 as long as the task was built without RMSRES.  To be
able to build KERMIT on RSTS/E version 7.2 or RSX-11
version 4.0, you will have to get RMSLIB.OLB and MAC.TSK and
RSX-11M V4.1 or RSTS/E V8.0.  The need for version 2 of
RMSLIB is due to the use of $SEARCH, $PARSE, $RENAME and
$DELETE.  The need for the newest MAC.TSK is due to the use
of new directives such as .SAVE, .RESTORE and
Notes: The magtape distribution contains sources, however, the floppy
distribution contains binaries only.
Changes and Improvements: Many, edits in KLLCMD.MAC
Assoc. Documentation: Recommended from Columbia University
Restrictions: See Installation Notes regarding the version required.
(Installation Notes
are part of the User's Manual).  Runs on IAS to some degree.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EB), Three RX01 Diskettes
(KC)  Format: RT-11, 2400' Magnetic Tape (PA)  Format: DOS-11

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