110732     Inter-Computer File Transfer Program  Version: April 1984
Submitted by: Scott Deno, Pennsylvania State University, University
Park, PA
Operating System: RT-11 V4.0 required  Source Language: FORTRAN IV,
MACRO-11  Memory Required: 20KW  Keywords: Data Communications
Abstract: This is a group of three programs allowing complete
interactive communications between the PDP-11 computer and
any remote computer.  This includes file transfers out of
and into the PDP-11.  This has been tested using the IBM
(Interact), the VAX (TECO and SOS), and the DEC-10 (TECO and
SOS).  The programs are written to be general and thereby
useful with any remote computer.  Problems will normally
involve the set-up of the remote computer to accept the data
from the PDP-11 or to initiate the transmission from the
remote computer.  This software will operate with remote
editors using line number prompts (interact) or no prompts
(TECO).  File transfers to screen editors (EDT or KED) are
not recommended.
All I/O, except program "Term", is directed through the
"RM:" handler which has additional "SET" functions necessary
for accurate file transfers.  These "SET" functions are
"NOLF" (no line feed transmission to remote computer and
"NOECHO" (no echo to remote computer).  These "SET" commands
must be done before using this software (usually done at
system startup in "STARTS.COM" file).  For example, "SET RM
NOLF [cr]" should be in "STARTS.COM" file.
The remote port (hardware) of the PDP-11 must be connected to
a remote modem (up to 1200 baud) and the phone connection
made.  Logging on is done using the "TERM" program in the
normal manner, however, the PDP-11 console is the terminal.
The first program called "TERM" is used for simple I/O without
file transfer.  This connects the PDP-11 console to the
remote port and to the remote computer.  This is initiated
by "RUN TERM [cr]".  Your PDP-11 console is then connected
to the remote computer.  This program is also used for
preparing the remote computer for receiving a data file and
closing the file after it has been sent.
The second program is "FILTR1" for sending files from the
PDP-11 initiated by "RUN FILTR1 [cr].  The desired file name
is entered as a response to questions in the program.  This
program also asks whether the remote computer uses prompts
or not.
The last program is "FILTR4 [cr]" for receiving files from
remote computers initiated by "RUN FILTR4 [cr]".  This
program starts by relaying a one line prompt typed by the
operator to the remote computer, such as "TYPE MYFILE.FOR
[cr]".  Immediately after the prompt line is sent to the
remote computer, all incoming data will be captured into a
file (on PDP-11 "DK:" disk) called "OUTPUT.DAT".  All I/O is
also viewed on the console screen.  After the transmission
is complete, type [control E] to close the file on the
PDP-11 disk.  Files received which are longer than 32000
characters will lose one line of data every 32000
characters.  This is marked in the PDP-11 "OUTPUT.DAT" file
by two blank lines.  The missing line must be typed in "by
hand" using the PDP-11 editor.  This limitation is not a
serious problem since most files are not more than 32000
Restrictions: One line is lost when receiving, after every 32000
characters are sent.
Restricted to ASCII text files.  Maximum communication rate is 1200
Documentation available in hardcopy only.
Media (Service Charge Code): Write-Up (AA), One RX01 Diskette (KA)
Format: RT-11, 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: RT-11

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