110734     ASCII Driven MENU for RSTS/E  Version: V1.0, April 1984
Submitted by: Kevin Davidson, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology,
Terre Haute, IN
Operating System: RSTS/E V7.0  Source Language: BASIC-PLUS,
BASIC-PLUS-2  Memory Required: 128KB  Software Required: BASIC-PLUS or
BASIC-PLUS-2 with ECHO Control, RSX run-time system, ONLPAT  Keywords:
Menu Control, Tools - Applications Development
Abstract: This is menu system which is driven from text option
files. It is based upon the RSX run-time system menu
patch where a program is executed upon entry of this
modified RSX RTS (called MENU). Each option can be
protected by a user specification. Any valid run command
of CCL command can be executed from the menu prompt as
long as it does not match a menu option. You can specify
what line number to enter on and also put data in core
common before the chain to another program.
The modification to the RSX run-time system is included.
Restrictions: Set up to run on VT52 compatible terminals. You have to
switch run-time systems to exit menu. On our system this
is done through a LOGIN Command File used by the LOGIN
Media (Service Charge Code): 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: DOS-11

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