110737     EDMACS: A Screen Editor Program  Version: April 1984
Submitted by: Michael Bloom
Operating System: RSTS/E V6, 7, 8  Source Language: TECO  Memory
Required: 16K-24K  Software Required: TECO V35 or later  Hardware
Required: VT52, VT100 or a terminal supported by your copy of TECO. A
modified CRTRUB.MAC (on the tape) can be optionally used to add
teleray 10 support.  Keywords: Editors
Abstract: EDMACS is a screen editor modeled after MIT's EMACS
editor. It provides:
. Cursor movement by character, word, line, sentence,
. Deletion of characters, words, lines, and blocks of
. Block moves and character, word and line transposition.
. Forward and reverse searching; queried string
. Text centering, case conversion, indentation
. On-line Help: List of commands, help on each individual
. Protection from being caught unawares between CR and
. Confirmation is requested for operations such as file
. Fast runtime response results from a novel dispatch
  table approach
User written routines may be created during an edit
session, and "bound" to control sequences. Both user
written and existing commands can be rebound to new
keys, permitting EDMACS to look like other editors.
A user's initialization file may contain private
commands, load libraries, and/or set up personal command
The 66 page manual explains how to use EDMACS, describes
all commands, and documents EDMACS internals, discussing
the internal structure, and giving at least a paragraph
describing each internal routine. A 6 page 'instant' is
also included.
Included with the EDMACS distribution is a screen
oriented INFO retrieval program, modeled after MIT's
INFO program.
Restrictions: The current version is only known to work without change
under RSTS. Some changes may be needed for running under
RSX. An older version that runs under RSX is available
via Arpanet FTP.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EB), 600' Magnetic Tape
(MA)  Format: DOS-11

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