110743     DSKLIB: A Disk Librarian Utility Program  Version: V2.18,
June 1984
Author: Joel Berez, Berez Associates
Submitted by: James Krugh, Berez Associates
Operating System: RT-11 V2C-V5.1, TSX-PLUS  Source Language: MACRO-11
Memory Required: 16K  Hardware Required: EIS is optional.  Keywords:
System Management - RT-11, Utilities - Disk - RT-11, Utilities - RT-11
Abstract: Disk Librarian (DSKLIB) is a program to maintain a
master catalog of multiple disk directories. Disks are
given unique numbers and names, and then placed in the
master catalog. A powerful FIND command is then used to
locate a particular file. Full wildcards and multiple
switches are supported. An example of the FIND command
FIND file named: .MAC/DUR MAY/GR 75/LESS 100/PRI
This command would print a list of all files in the
catalog with the MAC extension created during May of the
current year that are greater than 75 blocks, but less
than 100 blocks in length. All RT-11 random access
devices are supported.
Media (Service Charge Code): Two RX01 Diskettes (KB)  Format: RT-11,
600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: RT-11

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