110765     RSX SIG Tapes Evaluation  Version: V3, December 1984
Author: A. Szentgali
Submitted by: Klaus Centmayer, TU Muenchen, Munich, West Germany
Operating System: IAS, RSX-11M  Keywords: Symposia Tapes - RSX-11
Abstract: This collection of reports is a review of programs from the
DECUS RSX Symposium Tapes.  Its goal is to evaluate the
programs and their building procedures and to help users in
choosing and installing software according to their actual
needs and configuration.  Testing includes building and
installation procedure and, as far as possible, a brief run
test.  This report contains the US-RSX-SIG-Tapes Spring and
Fall '82.
The tape includes a SIG-Tape Road Map Summary as a quick
reference.  It contains:
. RSX-IAS US Fall'77 ... Spring'84, Europe'79 ...'83
. PASCAL Spring'80 ... Fall'81, RT-11 Fall'79 ... Fall'81
. Lars Palmer + IAS-ICR collections
This tape contains documentation only.
Media (Service Charge Code): 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: FILES-11

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