110767     DFL: A Program to Dump Physical Blocks from Floppy-Disk
Version: V1.0, October 1984
Submitted by: Dr. H. Kreyling, Institut fur Kernphysik der
Universitat, Frankfurt, West Germany
Operating System: RSX-11M V3.2  Source Language: FORTRAN IV, FORTRAN
IV-PLUS  Memory Required: 14KW  Keywords: Utilities - Disk - RSX-11
Abstract: DFL is a program to dump physical blocks from a floppy
disk, using RX01, RX02 or - under RSX-11M V3.2 - also
RX02/03. The DMP utility does not dump physical blocks
from floppy disks. This program will be useful, when
foreign floppy disks should be read under RSX-11M, and
therefore information about the file structure of the
foreign floppy disk will be needed.
Dumps can be done in the usual formats (octal, hexa and
ASCII) and can be directed to any FILES-11 device of the
Media (Service Charge Code): Write-Up (AA), One RX01 Diskette (KA)
Format: FILES-11, 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: FILES-11

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