110802     DIR, SHT, VTL: A Program to List File(s) on a VT100 Family
Terminal  Version: Spring 1985
Submitted by: Robin Miller, Northern Telecom, Concord, NH
Operating System: RSX-11  Source Language: MACRO-11  Software
Required: RSX-11 AME compatibility mode software  Keywords: File
Abstract: This program is used to list file(s) on a VT100 family
The file(s) are displayed one screen at a time for easy viewing.
Various commands can be entered to change listing parameters or to
position to a particular portion of the file.  Many of the
commands are the same as the Digital editor EDT.  Commands can be
entered either by using keys on the VT100 keypad, or by entering
commands to the prompt at the bottom of the screen.  Some of the
major features of the program are outlined below:
. CTRL/C detection for aborting searches, etc.
. Delete the file being displayed
. Display a ruler along the top of the file
. Display the next file or the next directory
. Display record numbers along the left margin
. Display the file header of file being displayed
. Print the file being displayed
. Search forward or backwards for a string
. Shift the display window left or right
. Split screen mode to display two files
. TECO compatible see-all mode
. Write portions of the file being displayed
The maximum record size that can be displayed is 512 characters.
All commands have a repetition count of one.  Relative and indexed
files are not supported.
File "VTL.MEM" contains full documentation for this program.
Media (Service Charge Code): 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: FILES-11

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