110803     KERMIT for IAS  Version: May 1985
Submitted by: Marek Ring, Paris, France
Operating System: IAS V3.1  Source Language: FORTRAN IV, MACRO-11
Memory Required: 124K or greater  Keywords: Data Communications,
KERMIT, Utilities - IAS
Abstract: IAS KERMIT was originally written in RATFIV.  This version
based on the UNIX KERMIT written in C language by Columbia
University, version 1983.  It is designed to run under IAS
version 3.1 (was compiled by FORTRAN 2.6).
This KERMIT package consists of 4 MACRO subroutines
(MACRO-11) and a RATFIV set of subroutines and program.  For
people who don't have the RATFIV preprocessor on their IAS
system, we have provided the  corresponding FIN versions.
Contents of package:
KER.RAT 	 Main KERMIT and subroutines in RATFIV
KER.FTN 	 Corresponding FIN version
COM.RAT 	 File called by the "include" statement in KER.RAT.
STRING.RAT 	 String operation subroutines in RATFIV.
STRING.FTN 	 Corresponding FIN version
ECRIT.MAC 	 Write subroutine on TTn line
LITN.MAC 	 Timed read subroutine on TTn line
CNNCT.MAC 	 Connect to remote host routine
LOOKLP.MAC 	 Subroutine to parse files on disk
HELP.DOC 	 Help file used by KERMIT
AAAREADME.1ST 	 This file
KERELD. CMD 	 Command files to build IAS KERMIT
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX01 Diskette (KA)  Format: FILES-11,
600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: FILES-11

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