110805     Six Video Games for RSTS/E  Version: March 1985
Submitted by: David Spencer, Spencer Associates, Orangvale, CA
Operating System: RSTS/E V8.0  Source Language: BASIC-PLUS,
BASIC-PLUS-2, MACRO-11  Memory Required: Between 10K to 26K  Hardware
Required: VT100 compatible terminal  Keywords: Games
Abstract: Following is a brief summary of highlights:
BLKADE  As many as eight players, each
  sitting at their own terminal, may play this game.  Each
  player builds a growing fence to enclose and trap the other
  players.  If there aren't enough human players available,
  robot players can be asked to take their place.
INVADE  A version of the popular arcade invaders from space
PACKER  A version of the popular maze game, with some fun
STRWRS  Battle Darth Vader and his Emperial fighters to get
  close enough to destroy the Death Star.
SUBS  Two players, each at their own terminal, battle to
  sink the other's submarine
WIGGIT  Hunt Wiggits in a Martian maze;
  beware that they might clone and cause double trouble.
Media (Service Charge Code): 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: DOS-11

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