110812     CU - A Program for Converting Units  Version: April 1986
Author: Ted Dustman, V.A. Hospital, Salt Lake City, UT
Submitted by: Robert Dustman, V.A. Hospital, Salt Lake City, UT
Operating System: RT-11 V4, TSX+ V5  Source Language: C, DECUS C
Memory Required: 12KW  Software Required: DECUS C (DECUS Part No.
11-SP-18) with Floating Point if modifications are made.  Hardware
Required: FPU Floating Point Unit.  Keywords: Conversions
Abstract: CU (Convert Units) converts a value specified in one set of
units to a corresponding value in another dimensionally
compatible set of units.  For instance, a length specified in
meters can be converted to feet or a volume specified in
gallons can be converted to pints.  However, the program is
not limited to simple conversions such as these; one can
easily perform the following conversions:
Acres	                 to Feet^2 (square feet)
Newtons            	 to Slug Feet/Second^2
Gallons/Day         	 to Inches^3/Year
Watts              	 to Meters^2 Slug/Week^3
The last example is absurd but demonstrates the flexibility
of the program.  Prefixes (e.g. milli, mega, micro etc.) may
be used to scale a unit.
Currently, the program recognizes 97 unit names, including
prefix names, but additional names can be added to the
program's list of units, (a maxiumum of 200 units can
exist).  Note that the program will NOT perform temperature
conversions.  Also, units that are nonlinear, such as the
decibel, cannot be converted using this program.
The program was written in DECUS C and can only be run on
those processors that are equipped with FPU floating point
hardware (11/23, 11/45, 11/70 etc.).  The program will not
run on processors with FIS hardware (11/40, 11/03 etc.).
This is due to the implementation of floating point by the
DECUS C compiler.
Changes and Improvements: New features, bug fixes
Restrictions: Will not perform temperature conversions or conversions
on Nonlinear Units.
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX01 Diskette (KA)  Format: RT-11,
600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: RT-11

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