110825     Plot Calendar  Version: V1.0, December 1985
Submitted by: William W. Sugg, Defense Mapping Agency, St Louis, MO
Operating System: RSX-11M V3.2  Source Language: FORTRAN 77  Memory
Required: 25504 Words  Software Required: Versaplot Subroutines
Hardware Required: Versatec Plotter 8236 or larger  Keywords:
Calendars, Plotting
Abstract: Plot Calendar (PC) will plot a 12 month calendar on a
or similar plotter.  PC will accept years from 1583 to 32766
and a leap year check will be made for whatever year is
entered.  Each month will be plotted to a size of 8.75
inches in the X direction and 9.00 inches in the Y
direction.  The plotter must have a minimum X plotting range
of 50.0 inches and a minimum Y plotting range of 32.0
The user is allowed to annotate from 1-365 days of the year.
Each day may have up to 6 lines of annotation with up to 15
characters per line.  PC runs on a PDP 11/44, RSX-11M version
3.2 operating system and with the Versaplot software
version 07, edition #5, dated October 1978.  To run the PC
program, 25504K words of memory are needed and two files are
generated when the annotation option is picked.
Restrictions: Plotter must be able to plot at least 31" in Y direction
and 50" in X
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX01 Diskette (KA)  Format: FILES-11,
600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: FILES-11

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