110841     LISPEX: Fixes and Extensions to LISP-11  Version: April
Submitted by: N.W.A. Marsh, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United
Kingdom L69 3BX
Operating System: RT-11, TSX-PLUS  Source Language: LISP, MACRO-11
Memory Required: 64KB  Software Required: LISP-11 (DECUS 11-304)
Hardware Required: Includes built LISP Interpreter which expects EIS.
Keywords: LISP, Language Interpreters
Abstract: LISP-11 (DECUS  No. 11-304, first distributed in 1977)
is a large and well conceived item of software.  The
implementation is generally complete, logical and thorough,
but there are nonetheless a number of errors, and
non-standard features or omissions as compared with more
recent LISP systems for small computers.  LISPEX undertakes
to provide fixes for a number of errors and shortcomings
which have become known to the author in using LISP-11
over a period of five years in teaching and research.
Fixes and extensions to LISP-11 which are provided in LISPEX
include:  correction of a serious fault in function GO,
provision of literal error messages, use of standard
characters as shorthand token for the QUOTE function and for
delimiting strings, provision of functions for
function-definition, SAVE/LOAD, pretty-printing and
list-oriented editing.  The user facilities are packaged
such that the user has the option of applying each of the
fixes or extensions independently, where this is logically
It is assumed that the user already possesses the
distribution kit for LISP-11, including the printed manual.
The application of the fixes is based upon the clear and
straightforward procedures described in chapter 8 of the
LISP-11 manual.
Source listings are provided.  In order to support a
relatively rapid appraisal, LISPEX includes a fully
operational version of LISP-11 incorporating all of the
changes, but without floating point facilities, for an
LSI-11 with EIS.
Notes: Files LSPLIB.OBJ, LISP.SAV have partial sources in DECUS
catalog item
11-304: LISP-11.  (Original Sources of LISP-11 not included)
Assoc. Documentation: LISP-11 Write-Up (AC), DECUS No. 11-304
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX01 Diskette (KA)  Format: RT-11,
600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: RT-11

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