110843     TECO - Utilities  Version: V1.0, June 1986
Submitted by: John Alexander
Operating System: RT-11  Source Language: TECO  Keywords: File
Management, TECO
Abstract: The "TECO - Utilities" are DCL command lines that query the
user for the required parameters to perform the operation
and then call TECO to perform the tasks to operate on the
specified files.
Some examples of "operations" that these may perform are:
. Number all lines of a file in any number base.
. Split a file down a column into two files.
. Concatenate two files horizontally (sideways).
. Move a set of columns to new column location for all
. Create a name list of files.
. Merge a name list of files into a single file.
. Split a "Merged" file back into multiple files.
. Pad out the end of lines to a given column.
. Cut excessively long lines to a given column.
. Fix all lines (long or short) to a given column.
. Extract lines from a file.
. Shuffle two files together.
. Eliminate duplicate lines in a file.
. Combine columns of one file with columns of another file.
. Strip comments out of code.
. Create "Boilerplate" letters.
. Many more "operations".
Notes: This program is a combination and update of DECUS Nos. 110688
and 110690.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EA), Two RX02 Diskettes
(LB)  Format: RT-11

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